June 14, 2017

DESPICABLE ME 3 movie review

What's not to love about Despicable Me 3? The minions, Lucy and the girls are with Gru redefine his nature as a true villain as he traces his roots meeting the long lost twin brother Dru. Together they will bring down a heist caused by an 80s bad boy Balthazar Bratt. Despicable Me 3 opens in theaters June 14.
Prepare for dated laugh as it was more humorous for the adults than for the kids. Watching it last night had more appeal to the adults with the 80s-themed music and inserts that will transport you through time. Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker) makes your imaginations into reality with all the gigantic robots that try to destroy entire cities with its laser eyebeams -- just like in the old Japanese shows.
Margo is probably going through puberty. Agnes still dreams of unicorns are true and her adorable cheeks still captures the hearts of every one. Edith is somewhere in between that will support any of her sisters but still has a huge chunk of childhood in her. Good that there's Lucy to watch over them, coping with the whole parenting thing that relates to all first time mothers undergoing the process.

Of couse, we don't forget he minions now led by a new character, Mel, who initiated a union against Gru as they missed being bad and helping Gru in heists. The potatoes found themselves in new experiences and soon they'll discover they can survive without a boss but still returns to him because they just missed him.
Gru and Dru finding each other will just connect it to the feels of having a sibling. An adjustment period was just too short since they still had their villainous blood in them that had bonded them right there and then. Somehow the movie fails to give emotional connection on this aspect as you can only tune in to resolving the problem caused by Balthazar.
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