May 15, 2017

what we wish should be included in Britney Live in Manila set list

31 days before our Pop Princess Britney Spears comes for a concert here in Manila, here are some songs that are on top of my song list that she should sing on June 15 at SM Mall of Asia Arena. Aside from the fact that we know the words to these Britney hits, we will be dancing to them as well. That's more than 20 years of hits, everyone.

1. I Love Rock & Roll (Released 2001) - The Arena would be screaming when she says from backstage: "Is this thing on?"

2. Toxic (Released 2003) - If not for the AirAsia cabin crew that lived every Britney Spears fans' dream, this might have dropped from our heads a long time. Maybe now every flight attendant is wishing they can do the same thing when planes are parked. LOL

3. Oops!... I did It Again (Released 2000) - We will be looking for die-hard Britney fans wearing a red shiny overall at the concern, waiting to get noticed and dragged onto the stage and dance with Britney's memorable choreography for this song. Jack and Grace of Will & Grace even taught us the dance in this video. People also be will be killing it when they memorized all the spoken words in the interlude.

4. Hit Me Baby One More Time (Released 1998) - Who would forget those iconic school girl outfit and braided pigtails from her first video? We all agree that she also sings this on June 15.

5. Lucky (Released 2000) - Because all previously "teening" millennials were unsure of their paths in life were so relatable to this song.

6. Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know (Released 2000) - When we are all tired and legs hurt of dancing from many of Britney's songs, it's time to chill and have a little cry for this song. While we all remember how sexy this video was made while the lyrics hurt subtly. But I know Britney's hits don't leave us tired, instead asking for more.

7. I'm a Slave 4 U (Released 2001) - the steamiest song even reproduced in Glee, Britney reminded us not to be scared of snakes (literally and figuratively). It will turn up the Arena as a huge belly dancing venue.

8. Slumber Party (Released 2016) - Of course we have to give Britney the chance to promote her latest album. This collab with Tinashe makes us wonder what is Britney's youth secret?

9. Work B**ch (Released 2013) - the B**ch's would be there too slammin' at the Mall of Arena. This has inspired all attending the concert to afford and avail her skyrocketing concert ticket prices.

10. Piece of Me (Released 2005) - Because the lyrics goes, "I'm Miss American Dream since I was seventeen / Don't matter if I step on the scene / Or sneak away to the Philippines." That's #PinoyPride going on, y'all.

Britney is sure to transform SM Mall of Asia Arena into her Las Vegas gig. The list is endless but if you have more songs in mind that should be in her set list, leave it in the comments below.

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