May 27, 2017

A more natural but effective skin care at Kutis Filipina

We've been accustomed to many skin care products but all seems not to really work for our covers. Worse, they consume our money, thanks to the brilliance of marketing that deceives us of the so-called "benefits" of using such items in the market. How would you like to save your skin naturally and your bank account without the harmful effects of chemicals found in each bottle or cream or cosmetics?

Dr. Laurence Mil Tan, aesthetic doctor of Kutis Filipina, believes that only washing with water can do the trick. He explained to me, backed up with research and first-hand observations, comparing the effects of just water to adding soap, cleansers, etc. may affect the skin's composition and its structure based upon frequent usage. Better is that how much will I able to save by putting out products which in fact are not really advisable.

But Dr Tan is offering something that can repair and clean our skin naturally and will not harm it. Since every body has a different skin type, he gives customized and friendly advise on how to return to a natural state of your skin. And guess what, it can erase all your consumption to the harmful chemicals found in beauty soaps, alcohol-based cleansers, cosmetics, etc.

He offers the Kutis Filipina Membership card which is only  Php 9,800 for the whole year. Each visit, you will undergo cleansing, facial treatment and something that you have to try: Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT), silk peel and others, depending on your skin's needs. This membership is applicable to both men and women and can be used at the newly-renovated Kutis Filipina branch in Gil Fernando Ave, Marikina City. If you compare all your expenses with soaps, cleansers, moisturizers, facial treatments, etc, you'll be surprised of the difference in costs.
There are 3 types of PDT and each session lasts for only 15-30 mins, depending on your needs based on the assessment:
Red for Anti-Aging
Blue for Anti-Bacterial
Purple for Combination Treatment
I've also got to try the Dermal Infusion. This is a less-abrasive procedure than Diamond Peel and plus it injects vitamins that makes the skin recover from dullness and healthier with every use. You have to attend a weekly treatment for best results. Of course, you also have to do your part of washing your face regularly with water and do not let your face be exposed under the sun.
Dermal Infusion machine (Silk Peel)
All these are inclusive to the Php 9,800 membership card and for you who is a beauty enthusiast and a believer of naturally beautiful and healthy skin. Members can also get 20% discount on regular services and products on their birthday. They also get to enjoy 5% discount on regular services and products all year round. The membership card is for one person only and is not transferrable. For more information, you can call telephone nos. 0917 503 8784 or (02) 646 0807.

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