February 11, 2016

HOW TO BE SINGLE movie review

A movie for the girls. Warner Bros. Pictures bring an unusual team-up with Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson in the Valentine-comedy How to Be Single that opens February 11 in theaters. A day early in the Philippines so that the singles could start partying in advance. But the movie celebrates singlehood so it's also okay to spend a few bucks in the movie house with your bestest friends. Alright, even couples can watch this.
HOW TO BE SINGLE is definitely funny and would generally talk about enjoying the single life. We have Dakota Johnson as Alice trying to have a taste of independence within the relationship that's why she's going away from her boyfriend. Then finding herself with Robin (Rebel Wilson) who lives the happy-go-lucky life in New York City, partying every night and not ever going home. Both of them will teach us what will be right or wrong in being a single person and creating a new dimension where we can comfortably fit in. It will be a roller coaster for Alice turning from one man to another and knowing the pros and cons of getting into bed or a commitment. But then, we also bump into her sister, Meg (Leslie Mann) who is also scared of relationships because of responsibilities and changes she may encounter. And there was Lucy (Alison Brie), using the numbers game in search of the right guy in millions of people around the city.
Honestly, I see the movie as one-sided, in favor of the ladies. The guys looked like specimens of affection that will just be there when the ladies need to get laid. The story has been written only for the ladies as if the guys didn't have to look for a partner because ladies come to them. They tried to balance this perception into David (Damon Wayans Jr.) dissing Alice out the relationship somehow redeemed the gentlemen. Tom (Anders Holm) fixing the life that he had, and Josh (Nicholas Braun), Alice's ex-boyfriend, also opted to move on.

This film offered a lot of tips on how to be single. Learning to look good on your own and survival ,ut my most favorite is from Robin. Though it's crazy to have people paying all of expenses outside of your home, you can have your money on your own and maybe get rich! Rebel Wilson can also pull off a drama. Unlike from Pitch Perfect, where her serious face still makes her funny, her lines can sink in to the heart.

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