February 10, 2016

DEADPOOL movie review

Finally after a lot of superheroes-saving-the-world movies, DEADPOOL is right on time for the Valentines Day to save the one he loves.
And this is just no other movies, it now gives character than those other righteous superheroes fighting against each other. Deadpool is a breath of fresh air from all other superhero movies with his antics with acceptable extreme violence and fleshly scenes. Plus, Ryan Reynolds redeemed himself from his previous superhero fiasco and successfully looked natural in this film.

Deadpool soundtrack comes in handy too wherever you are. Great selections from "Angel in the Morning", "Shoop", "Calendar Girl" and more that give a catchy experience on your phone or any music player. You will not get tired of the playlist as it can cater to the R16 audience.
There are a lot of "things" that will be "exposed" from Ryan Reynolds. Watch it all through after the end credits as he will tell you a secret that will have you look forward to the sequel. This could be the most entertaining movie of the year.

Deadpool is now playing in theaters and IMAX while munching on chimichangas. From 20th Century Fox.

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