February 15, 2016

ZOOTOPIA movie review

ZOOTOPIA returns Disney-style of telling fables and now a story that can be very relatable in the likes of light CSI and even everybody's everyday life. This cute animal story plays February 17 in cinemas and full of representations that we encounter in our everyday lives.
Zootopia looks like the Disney castle from a glance. You can also see many familiar icons throughout the movie and make sure that you find them. There are exposed past and upcoming Disney movies within scenes.
In Zootopia, we see a lot of representations of people. Starting with Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a farm-town dreamer of making it to the big picture. Like everyone, we like to see our full potential despite of the little size. She is also perked up in her first day of work and putting the best foot forward to impress everyone around. Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a fox which is very unlikely to partner up with a bunny could represent as the most unusual people who could become as friends as they could be helping us in the difficult time when we least expect it. Turns out, that they are the most qualified people that we would like to be with every time. Ms. Bellwether, the sheep, might be the type of person you have to be careful with. She may look like a sweet and calm angel, you'll never know that she is capable of pulling people down behind their backs. There are also the big guys, the animals who bullied Judy Hopps because of her size and doubted of her capabilities and were of no help of pursuing your own dreams.

The funniest scene about Zootopia is with the sloths at the transportation bureau. Flash and the other officers will be testing your patience and it clearly reflects how people share their experience in the government agencies (at least here in the Philippines).
Zootopia also reflected how we would like to see our own world. Where people, big or small, live harmoniously. But it reminded us that it is not perfect but can release our potential to be great and push for the greater good for people living in one community. You can hear it from Shakira's song playing all through the movie. It also got the African beats that you'll love.
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