October 8, 2015

PAN movie review

Warner Bros.' PAN is a good family movie and gives us new definition of how we know Peter Pan. Watch it starting today and it's better experienced in 3D.
We've seen so many Peter Pan inspired movies but in this re-imagination of JM Barrie's story, we are introduced how Peter (Levi Miller) came to Neverland and how things came to be before how we know about it today. Now we think that Peter Pan may have a pirate past, getting along with Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) and Captain Hook (Garrett Hedlund) in the latter. And there would be a lot revelations that we will discover throughout the process.

At the start, we see Peter is not very different from any other kid and WB gave more of the history of his childhood. The story is set during WWII and he experienced a lot of hardships not just with war.
Levi Miller as Peter
The real 3D treat in Pan is right after 20 mins when we travel to Neverland. Blackbeard will show us the harsh part of the island but trying to connect with the millennial audience by chanting a Nirvana song. On the other hand, he gains friendship with Hook, once a charming lad that just wants to be free.
The common Peter Pan elements reveal themselves one by one. Nevercrocs, Mermaids, Redskins, and lastly the fairies complete the full Peter Pan experience. Let's hope to get a sequel to relive the fun in the fights against Peter and Hook.
PAN - Main Trailer

Sometimes, to truly understand how things end, we must first, know how they begin.Watch the NEW TRAILER for PAN - in cinemas October 8th!

Posted by Warner Bros. Pictures (Philippines) on Wednesday, July 15, 2015
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