January 6, 2015


Thanks to the power of Facebook, English Only, Please has effectively marketed itself and gained applause for both moviegoers and critics alike. I also congratulate the MMFF entry for bagging 7 major awards, a great achievement to the actors, director and production team that some people wouldn't think that a romcom may get. Call me biased but EOP is just one of the movies that I really look forward to at the festival along with Kubot which I have yet to see.
Playing Tere Madlansacay is Jennylyn Mercado, a self-supporting woman through her earnings in tutoring foreigners to learn the English language. Who also gets her money raked in by her sex fling (played by Kean Cipriano) who also gets me irritated by the nerves. She gets hired by a Fil-Am businessman Julian Parker (Derek Ramsay) to translate his anger letter for effective delivery to her ex (Isabel Oli) which left him years ago. Comforting Tere is her bestie Cai Cortez, a single mother taking her chances on love through Tinder and Facebook but usually fails. The story revolves in the reality of our time where people check each other out then gone.

Whether romantic or not, the movie affects many kinds of people. The phrase "Traffic sa EDSA" has become a trend to poke people of becoming late. Teaching us to be professional and respect other people's times which you wouldn't know might be our future. Tere also raises the points of the bread winners and the working class, that sometimes they get tired of giving but they do it because of love. Derek's character also mirror those people who keep their secrets, thus "Don't ask" also became a powerful line in the movie.
We all know that the jeepney bay scene is one of the memorable scenes and that giving a resbak to the barker served all recently-attached people out there. Jennylyn's viral scene will surely plant in our heads and would stay forever. I also liked the inserts of vocabulary giving a funny twists to the meanings of each word or phrase.
English Only, Please I would say really deserves the MMFF awards it has received. If you haven't seen it yet, let's hope that the cinemas continue to screen it.

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