January 6, 2015

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: Secret of the Tomb movie review

For one last time, Larry the night guard takes us to an adventure discovering an ancient secret of the tablet of Ahkmenrah. As something weird happens to our wax friends, the tablet corrodes and soon the magic will be gone forever. Larry and our friends of the museum have to go across the globe to solve it and keep the magic that makes us enjoy every Night at the Museum.
In this final installment, Larry reconnects with the three old men from the first movie. It appears that they build the connection on how to solve the secret of the tablet. And there, Larry continues his adventure to London and opening new life at the London Museum with the tablet. We'll meet new characters like Ahkmenrah's parents and Sir Lancelot. A tour at myths and other legends. With the first two movies teaching us about historical characters, this gives more fun like adding Rebel Wilson to the cast. Even I was surprised when Hugh Jackman makes his appearance as himself and played with his Wolverine character.

It's just sad to say that this will be Robin Williams' last movie. And still we're getting a very quotable quote from the inspirational 26th President of the United States of America which sir Lancelot has no idea about.
Opening January 8 in theaters nationwide, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

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