January 31, 2014


A very personal story to all Filipinos is the story of the new musical from PETA. Rak of Aegis featuring the novelty songs of my favorite band, Aegis. A guilty pleasure for many Filipinos singing their songs in the videoke and in the showers.

Set in the soaked Villa Venezia, Aileen (Aicelle Santos) hopes for something that can lift her family from the flood. her dreams include fame and fortune when she gets discovered by international media. she is torn between supporters and non-supporters from Villa Venezia. alongside the struggle with the long term flood in their area, are stories of family, love and governance conflicts which all of our characters experience.

the cast portrayed their roles very well and the songs are appropriate with their storylines. you'll never guess what's coming and that makes it even hilarious. most memorable characters are Jewel and Tolits. Mary Jane and Kel's story affects every person trying to move on from a broken relationship but somehow holding back after opening the doors for another chance. their rendition of "Luha" can carry your emotions with the words of it.

Mary Jane, Sinta and Munting Pangarap I think are the most memorable parts of the musical. you definitely feel the words to it. especially Sinta where you'll feel the love magic emanate from the stage with all the special bubbly effects.

this is a highly recommended theatrical experience. combining the jologs and the pa-elite market with the music of Aegis, it is also a wonderful support to Philippine entertainment. 6 out of 5 stars and i'm definitely watching it again.

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