September 18, 2013

RIDDICK movie review

when the third of a series of RIDDICK's (Vin Diesel) adventures, he now tries to survive in an alien planet, dealing with new lifeforms. more so, as a fugitive in intergalactic security, he is now hunted by a new breed of mercenaries and another soldier captained by a man in his past.
being one of the first people who saw Riddick in the cinema, thankful that Solaire Resort and Casino was able to host the screening at Greenbelt 3. as Riddick's adventures started very interesting, since he finds a way to survive on his own while surrounded by alien predators. he also came about to adapt to the surroundings, despite the lack of vegetation and food. he also came to be able to train a wolf-like creature to be able to assist in his lonesome.
the story became a little boring with a little human intervention. with Batista (Dave Bautista) growing some hair and going radical in his looks, he was someone to be laughed out about. imagine an epitome of strong man with the image from bullying weaker characters from a wrestling show, he showed the weaknesses himself. but he stayed longer so fans would not get disappointed to see their idol. somehow i liked the effects with the animals and all.
RIDDICK opened September 18 in theaters nationwide. again, thanks to Solaire Resort and Casino for hosting the event. we even had freebies given away for promos. oh i miss that fun.
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