June 27, 2013

the world's eyes to RIO 2

it will be a great time to visit Brazil in the coming months. if not only of its distance from the country and the expenses it would entai, i would be doing it very soon. but instead, i'll be having a piece of it, on the big screen.

the birds of Rio flies back with Blu and Jewel now together with 3 kids. with the musical tandem of Nico and Pedro, people will again have a glimpse of Rio aside from the preparations to the Olympics, Rio will be again more fun to see with RIO 2.
the sequel just had its teaser trailer released while the birds are dancing. we're sure that Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx and Will I Am reprises the roles playing the voice of the birds. this new adventure of the Blue Macaws takes them to a family tour at the Amazon where the little ones will learn to live as big birds. an adventure in the wild where Blu has to protect his family from the dangers of the forest.

RIO 2 is expected to be showing on April 2014. distributed in the Philippines by 20th Century Fox.

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