June 26, 2013

JESSY MENDIOLA to do Thalia role as Maria Mercedes

ABS-CBN names the woman who will next portray the iconic Thalia role which is Maria Mercedes. Jessy Mendiola, fresh from the PHR's Paraiso takes on the role of Maria Mercedes that will fire up primetime nights soon on ABS-CBN.
Jessy Mendiola admits that she is a Thalia fan herself and watched all her telenovelas on TV. however idolized her talent on acting and singing, the actress never imagined but dreamed of doing a role popularized by Thalia. the moves and charms of Jessy Mendiola would very much make her qualified to be Maria Mercedes. this project also lets out Jessy's "inner fire" with the sexy scenes and strong character that Maria Mercedes has.
in the recent event held, the actress on her solo conference revealed many things about her family life, journey through stardom and even her love life that made the press very interested and very supportive about her. her personal relationships with her mom, past suitors and even dreams that she long for are very well handled and everybody admired her honesty. not for publicity purposes, Jessy answered all questions whole-heartedly.
she notes that this project is for her mom, her real-life hero that underwent many obstacles raising her up and her 2 sisters. and her commitment to her job has contributed very well to how their life goes on right now despite the absence of her father who is in Dubai. she sees herself very closely to Maria Mercedes that does what it takes to put the family into the good life.
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