June 20, 2013

share a story, win a home with ProFriends

ProFriends shares the spirit of charity to your loved ones who you think deserves a good home. as the leading real estate company, ProFriends is giving away one house and lot, tax-free, to the most inspiring story in ProFriends Ka Rin Ba? Promo.
to enter, you must upload a video at ProFriendsKaRinBa.com which tells a story of your chosen beneficiary. the video must not exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds in any of these formats: wmv, mp4, mov or 3gp. you can only nominate one person whom you think deserves the home. to see the full mechanics, go here.

the submission is extended upto July 31 this year. the entries will be judges according to the following criteria:
  1. Story Value - 50%
  2. Production Value - 20%
  3. Overall Impact - 20%
people can also vote for their favorite video and beneficiary by logging in through their Facebook account. a person can only vote once using his / her account. this also helps the video win the promo.
for the creator of the video, he / she will also have a chance to win Php 50,000 when the nominee wins. and for the featured individual, he / she will win The Sophie house model of Lancaster New City is a 52 sqm single-attached house on 80 sqm lot area. it has three bedrooms, two toilets and baths, a living room, dining area, kitchen, linear park, and a provision for one-car garage.

for more details, log on to ProFriendsKaRinBa.com. like the ProFriends fan page on Facebook and Twitter too

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