June 21, 2013

what is ALASKA Nutribuild 345?

during the times when children are growing up and going to places at a distance from their homes, we don't get surprised when mothers get worried. a child's safety is a mother's ultimate concern. it is when the children get to try different things that would be dangerous for them. but let's understand that in the formative years (ages 3-5), children will get to learn something new that we can not take out from them. children in these years will be touching anything that will improve their intelligence by learning something. this is what we call milestones in every child growth.
the dangers of radicals in the environment might stop the child from exploring. and for us to prevent sicknesses that will slow down growth and brain development, they need proper nutrition in any food they eat. but what if a child is a picky eater? in Alaska, we can be assured of the child's development with its unique content of Nutribuilders, that will make children properly nourished. this also helps in the health primarily aided by the right food.
Tiffany Santuyo
dietitian and nutritionist Tiffany Santuyo affirms this practice of giving the right food and even supplement for kids to make them equipped when exploring in school. she says that preparation of baon is a parent's responsibility. with a trusted brand like Alaska, nutrition and brain development is well achieved. new parameters in milk formulas for children at ages 3,4, and 5. it is enriched with brain and body builder: the right mix of iron+zinc+iodine which supports development of brain functions, enhances immunity and promotes growth; choline that helps in the development of cognitive and memory functions; and DHA/ARA that supports healthy vision and cognitive development. partnered with a balanced diet and a healthy dose of physical activity, Alaska Nutribuild 345 helps maintain brain and body development during the pre-school stage, to unlock their potential at an early age.

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