June 22, 2013


in the prelude of MONSTERS INC., we are able to see the story behind the friendship of Mike and Sulley, how their differences make them each other's nightmare but eventually become the best of friends. MONSTERS UNIVERSITY is all a backtrack of everyone's story. that each everyone searches for success, live their dreams and even be brave to conquer obstacles of college life and friendship.
the majority of the story focuses on Mike Wazowski, a preschooler who wished to become connected to their world's most sought-after employer, Monsters Inc. and what it takes to be an employee is to be top-scarer in their school, Monsters University. from then on, his inspiration is to know everything about scaring people. this is no easy task for Mike because he has to endure college life in the School of Scaring under the terror of Dean Hardscrabble, a notable scarer of Monstropolis and a Hall of Famer in the university.
Mike Wazowski and Dean Hardscrabble
Mike's college life is complete and exciting with the whole cast of characters which we would find in a contemporary university setting. the bullies, the varsities, the populars, the nerds and all would be part of Mike's college life and would be his barriers towards fulfilling his dreams. adding to that is another popular kid, James Sullivan, who came from a family of very good scarers. Mike and Sulley's encounter would be very difficult for both of them initially as they go through the Scare Games, but they'll get to know and make up each other's strengths to achieve what they dream of.
Mike Wazowski's college life is very relatable to everyone who went through college. this would be their momentous era where they are trying to prove to everyone about their abilities and each one would dream about belonging to different cliques where they could be comfortable to fit in. but there are times that we couldn't get everything that we want. for this movie, it also teaches us that experience is the best teacher. i remember that i was almost the same as Mike during college. i had the same drive towards studying and may have dealt with similar people in the university. it could have been added to the fun at the university and like all, we should always be thankful to everyone who became part of what we are today.

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY opens June 26 and distributed by Walt Disney Studios (Philippines). directed by Dan Scanlon under Disney Pixar. also be sure to stay after the credits for a fun clip.

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