May 16, 2013

the GATSBY fashion

the glamorous '20s fashion of Warner Bros.' THE GREAT GATSBY is something to adore. sparkling like champagne, the ladies are strutting the way baring their skins. adorned by accessories that glitter in the strike of light. angelic faces that are the life of parties and indeed toast to a longer night. vibrant colors add to the festivities. more socials, the better.
while the men propose with a macho scene, a deserving member of the high society, the sheer coat, the snappy tie and with the glare of shining leather. you can also notice that the hair is well-fixed. and even a dash of water cannot ruin its brush. the decade that everything seems to be perfect.
on the event of the lavish parties and fame, Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) still cannot hide the past. with his Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) discovers cracks of Gatsby's richness and later lures in madness and tragedy.

THE GREAT GATSBY opens tomorrow, May 17, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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