May 17, 2013

THE GREAT GATSBY movie review

fell in love again with Baz Luhrman's directorial skills in Warner Bros. Pictures' adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgeral's THE GREAT GATSBY.
set in the Jazz Age, a person named Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) is looked upon the whole community of New York for his glamorous parties and generous gatherings. a wealth of almost anything you see in the place owned by a former officer with very humble beginnings. despite the great hospitality, suspicions and curiosity arise from around him but one would never turn his back off Gatsby, his neighbor. it was indeed a story of life's rise and fall, you may be very happy one day but fate will definitely play on you.
one thing that i can say about Baz Luhrman is that he puts on high production treatment but it is noticeable that the execution is very much similar to Moulin Rouge. that theatrical experience, extravagant sets and costume design really display much of the Jazz Age as if the fun never stops. Leo, Tobey and the rest of the cast I think did pretty good. everyone took the limelight but I did not feel the connection of the actors to each other. it seems that chemistry lacks between them.

for a story like The Great Gatsby, you'll definitely learn sweetness and even bitterness of reality. it will leave you with a lesson that you may not expect those people that you help or entertain. sometimes, the most trustworthy people will come out from the most unexpected relationships. sometimes, they may be just beside you so you have to appreciate them.
The Great Gatsby opens May 17 in theaters nationwide. distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures (Philippines)

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