April 30, 2013

EVIL DEAD movie review

5 young adults occupy a remote cabin where they plan to rehabilitate their friend, Mia (Jane Levy). until one accidentally summons an evil power by reading a passage from the damned Book of Dead, Mia gets possessed and all of them gets manipulated and killed one by one until one is left to fight for survival.
Ayala Cinemas exclusively brings you this gore-funfare EVIL DEAD starring Jane Levy and Shiloh Fernandez. the scare awaits on May 8 and you'll be screaming your lungs out with the high-resolution graphics and blood-jerking scenes. you might say a combo of different horror flicks from The Exorcist upto Texas Chainsaw Massacre that will make you hide from your seat.
however, as a horror flick scaredy cat myself, the scares are pretty much predictable but done very artistically. not to mention the photography of the scenes that is very well composed. i was practically cupping my hands on my face whenever a new scare stuff is coming.
story is developing gradually but a sudden downfall towards the end that makes it awkward and weird. but again as i said, the mix of different elements from different horror movies is just done very well.
catch it with no cuts on Ayala Cinemas rated R-18 by MTRCB. EVIL DEAD opens May 8 nationwide.

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