April 24, 2013

IRON MAN 3 movie review

Tony Stark is back. and he's got the whole gang with him in the latest IRON MAN installment. IRON MAN 3 would be the most entertaining movie of the franchise but there are some points that i want to discuss.
i was actually excited about it seeing a lot of action from the trailer and promotions. with Tony Stark's exceptional intelligence that geeks may only understand, mixing with the given Robert Downey Jr. humor is already a reason to watch it. not bad for more than 2 hours, i was actually wide awake seeing the whole movie to the end, catching the scene after the credits.

plot was revolving around the revenge of Killian (Guy Pearce) after his rejection on the partnership with Tony Stark. 13 years later, appearing neat and with a secret weapon for mass destruction. i think that the plot was executed well with an acceptable time frame so the developments are not that boring. there had also been some extra scenes which never compromised the whole concept.
favorite scene is how he managed all the work when his Malibu Mansion was attacked. Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) makes the Man-move with the suit which made it even cooler.

there's this feeling that you're left hanging after the whole movie. it's like you're anticipating for more events, hopefully another sequel?

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