March 1, 2013

LONSDALE: mark of champions

it was a great surprise to receive a package and knowing a lot of its history. it's not just the material on how it was manufactured, the history that made its character is what a LONSDALE brand is all about.
LONSDALE was originally from London, a land of bureaucrats, named from the 5th Earl of Lonsdale, Hugh Cecil Lowther, who first organized boxing matches with gloves. it was noted in that time in 1891, three boxers died from that fist boxing without the sports equipment that we know today. it was less than two decades after that boxing title belts were introduced by the Lonsdale belt, after it was donated by Lord Lonsdale. and so the history and tradition continues.

in 1959, the name Lonsdale was officially used as a brand by Bernard Hart for his boxing clothing and equipment after granted by the 7th Earl. the brand was eventually became a hit and later endorsed by big celebrities in the sports and entertainment industry.
a piece of Lonsdale clothing was definitely a great gift. wearing it makes me wear a pride for myself, just like the other champions: Muhammad Ali, Paul McCartney, Kylie Minoque, Madonna, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sylvester Stallone, Evander Holyfield among others, combining sports into lifestyle wear -- with its high-durability and functionality, heritage and modern design, sports wear and street style -- you won't hesitate wearing it anywhere you want even if you want to push yourself to your strongest limits.

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