February 27, 2013


giving us the back stories of what really happened at the clouds connected by a giant beanstalk, is Warner Bros. Pictures' JACK THE GIANT SLAYER. opening today in cinemas featuring Nicholas Hoult, Ewan McGregor, Eleanor Tomlinson and Stanley Tucci.
i have to warn you that there will be hints of spoilers in this review. it seems that we are believers of the old legend, not knowing about the war that took place between humans and giants. the twisted story of the legend that has been passed through the years is a mere fraction of the greater story that raised a hero. an amazing interpretation of the loved fairy tale and more enjoyable to see on 3D.

the Jack in this story is the same Jack, curious, adventurous, but less we know that he's afraid of heights. and without further support from his companions from a nearby kingdom, he won't be able to see the surprise in store for humanity.
seeing Stanley Tucci in this film is a definite surprise for me. i didn't expect him to be the antagonist and act as a dirty old lover to a young princess with an eye on the crown that can rule both worlds. Ewan McGregor as Elmont serves as Obi Wan to Jack leading our hero and an array of soldiers against big enemies. other than Nicholas Hoult, these are the two characters that i like about this.

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