January 28, 2013


if you hunger for violence, blood, slashing blades with marvelous costumes and killer moves, The Man with the Iron Fists will satisfy your cravings as Quentin Tarantino brings assassins and warriors in the screen.
the movie created heroes and villains in their fighting armor playing with mind games as they all hunt for gold set in feudal China period. aside from swords and guns, our characters have kick-ass moves that gets your internals out. more gore is a Quentin Tarantino signature.
however, the movie was a little bit confusing in some ways. you will look out who really is "the man with the iron fists." i was never right when i guessed it until more than 2/3 of the movie. soundtrack choice is good but it didn't jive into the time and setting of the movie. Kill Bill was better than this. and RZA should get more acting skills if they are planning to have a sequel to this movie.
with a lot of violence and a scene with sexual content, you shouldn't have your kids see this movie. better to see it in home video.

THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS opens January 30 in theaters nationwide. distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation.

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