February 1, 2013

HITCHCOCK movie review

Psycho has truly made an icon out of Alfred Hitchcock. the director that we all knew about this thriller and has been a peg in other gruesome mind-torturing movies. in HITCHCOCK, we learn more about the person himself and how a person finds achievement and beauty despite being surrounded with people who disagree.
i've seen that in Hitchcock, played by Anthony Hopkins, a great person is not born, but made. Hitchcock's dedication in pursuant of making Psycho is not a straight road to success. in the course with his wife (Helen Mirren), the journey turned into a wildlife as he almost trusted nobody. making the movie Psycho was not easy as it was conceptualized and executed but you will find it funny, interesting before the horror.
Alfred Hitchcock has written his life like a movie. in this, he appears very perfectionist but humble in his rights. and in this life he experiences what most of us do.

i liked how they depicted Hitchcock with make-up and even expanded Anthony Hopkins' body with prosthetics. i've not seen him in interviews and all, but the character immersed in Anthony Hopkins like it was really him. great job for the acting. Helen Mirren, Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson were all great in the co-production of Psycho. Helen Mirren, we can say, that she controlled Hitchcock more powerfully than any of his women. behind the man's success is a woman.
HITCHCOCK is a stellar movie you shouldn't miss. exclusively seen at Ayala Cinemas starting February 6.

photos by Fox Searchlight.

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