February 4, 2013

MAMA movie review

i was very prepared to see this MAMA movie but i still get the frights when i saw it. Guillermo Del Toro directing this movie would be a seller. and with Jessica Chastain, being one of the nominees in this year's Oscar, you may want to check her acting skills.
this is about a couple who were driven to take care of their nieces who were lost in the forest for years, who unbelievably survived. as investigations came with their interviews and what-not, they discover unnatural and disturbing things happening to the orphans.
fright scenes were really scary as they should. i was tucking myself into my chair when i know that the scare is coming. when you watch it, you can even decide who's even scarier.
there are just some points that you can associate MAMA with other horror films. Asian horror films like The Grudge and The Ring, with a mix of western films with exorcism blends in this movie.the visual effects are distinguished to be of Guillermo del Toro. it is to based on his Pan's Labyrinth visuals.

MAMA opens February 6 2013 on Philippine theaters nationwide. distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation.

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