September 19, 2012


wonder you'll get lost in the woods and you'll get into a secluded place where you can find monsters. but these monsters won't scare you away. instead, they'll be very afraid of you. the comedy of Hotel Transylvania is much like of Monsters Inc. but different in a lot of ways. pretty much that i missed Dexter's Laboratory as i found out that Genndy Tartakovsky directed this movie.
Hotel Transylvania deals with the protection of a father to his daughter as his only precious treasure left. and part of this protection is to build a sanctuary of monsters where the "undead" can live peacefully. and when an intruder accidentally gets in the way, the head of the hotel, Dracula (Adam Sandler), gets extra careful not to put every monster in the open.
monsters include every iconic character we've known from horror and bedtime stories. vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein, the Invisible Man and the mummy are among the well known and they made it to the lead cast. and weak enough that they've been attacked by a guy who just like to party, the disoriented creatures got worse as Dracula had not planned. and that's where the funny things happen.
each character has it's own Waterloo and they have put the humor into it. if you were to make fun of something to your friends, this can be the movie where you'll get an idea. and i don't see the jokes coming. you'll laugh at it most of the time.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA opens worldwide on September 28, brought to us by Columbia Pictures International.

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