September 20, 2012

TARA! TARA! TARA! concert set this September 29

on September 29, 2012, Earth Day Jam Foundation and Corregidor Foundation Inc., in cooperation with Dimitri Productions, invites everyone to join in with the whole community of Corregidor in a clean up drive for the Manila Bay. the said activity is also inline with the international coastal clean up happening at the same date.
this campaign is to promote cleanliness not just only in Corregidor but for all of us to be responsible in all of the shorelines worldwide. as the tourist spot is historically important for all Filipinos, we are also aware of the diverse wildlife of the island, which is equally important.

so why Corregidor and not at Manila Bay? in the recent events of flooding and storm, garbage from nearby coasts of Bataan, Cavite and Manila has been driven to the shores of Corregidor greatly affects the image of the island as a sanctuary of environmental and historical living.

not long ago, monkeys, deers and different kinds of aviary species said to dwell on the island. people who live in the island also do fishing for a living which we are also enjoying on our plates. with this clean up drive, we will be able to revive the glorious Corregidor island.

ruins of Corregidor
the concert is supported by clean up volunteers like the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy, and its official carrier Sun Cruises, in cooperation with Holcim Philippines, Chevron, the Department of Tourism, and Corregidor Foundation.

the concert party to be held as the sun sets will be participated by local artists like Lou Bonnevie, Kitchie Nadal, Megan Aguilar, the Drum Circle, and Pure Sound among others. this is intended to make the environmental cause to be fun and raise more awareness in taking care of the environment.

enjoying the concert is easy. it comes with a travelling package with Sun Cruise where you can also enjoy the sights and stories of Corregidor. you may register through emailing or call (02) 8976991. You can also visit them on Facebook at Earthday Jam Foundation.

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