September 20, 2012

GreatToys headquarters opens to the public

toy collectors and sports enthusiasts will be very thankful in the opening of a new toy haven in San Juan City. GreatToys, a toy shopper's sanctuary founded in 2001 and was regarded with the most complete merchandise of Japanese collectible toys. and these include Macross, Transformers, Masked Rider, Gundam, Zoids, S.I.C., Power Rangers, Robot Damashii, Soul of Chogokin, Saint Seiya, Zoids, Robot Damashii, Sochaku Henshin, Kaiyodo Revoltech, Maxfactory Figma and Nendoroid.
other than toys, they also cater to sporting needs, both for amateur and professional. they have an array of equipment and gears for futsal, soccer, basketball, badminton and table tennis which are commonly played by Filipinos. as explained by proprietor, Malvin John S. Lim, Great Toys makes it like "tailor-fit" to the person playing. for example, beginners upto 12 years old would have to use the 6-inch diameter basketball for efficient playing. one instance where the players where not performing well because of the wrong ball provided for them. see, specifications are not always equal for people.
Great Toys also has been supporting big toy conventions in the Philippines and thus for the success of growing bigger.

you can contact Great Toys online through the following numbers:
PH Retail stores
Greenhills TEL 571-8268
Manila TEL 525-3205
Annapolis Greenhills TEL 705-1154
Alabang TEL 659-2843
QC TEL 972-1570

or visit their website:

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