August 5, 2012

THE BOURNE LEGACY movie review

hats off to all Filipinos who made the movie THE BOURNE LEGACY a success. yes, i was one of the lucky people who first saw the movie here in Asia where we could be proud of our own countrymen cooperating with the Hollywood team to make this movie done.
it's just that we have proved our warm hospitality once more. as Solar CEO Wilson Tieng describes, film making will be more fun in the Philippines. Solar Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of The Bourne Legacy here in the Philippines.

as the movie would be the fourth installment from the Bourne series, so you'll expect great stunts and blasts. i am just really curious and excited on how the Philippines will be shown in this movie. earlier this year, the movie was shot in different parts of Metro Manila - Pasay, San Andres and even my hometown in Marikina. it was about 45 minutes of chase on roofs, and even got more death-defying as they rush into the streets with cars, affecting locals, etc.
i just like that the Philippines was shown in its better perspective as many would say that it was a sex capital and all the factors in a red light district. it was also in awe that we have good facilities like computerized, centralized and globally hooked security system, state-of-the-art medical facilities, etc. it would be a great pleasure for us if it would fit in our reality soon.

The Bourne Legacy opens August 8 in Philippine theaters.

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