August 6, 2012

PEOPLE LIKE US movie review

in People Like Us, Sam (Chris Pine) rediscovers a new segment of his life just as he knew that his father died. he had a sister which she never knew about as his father hid it from him. so as to fulfill his father's wishes, he looks for the lost sister and tries to learn how to love her like they belong for a long time.
when his father left him with a huge amount of money, he was ecstatic feeling that the money was his. greed empowered him to claim the money himself by trying to brainwash his "sister" with good deeds. but what keeps him intact is his family duties, bit by bit he had things that took him sometime to make up and cope up for the lost time with his family, so much to his mother (Michelle Pfeiffer).
in this comedy/drama, everyone will be addressed that a family makes you complete. and it makes you search for something good in everyone. and yes, the title itself puts to note that whether what you're doing in your life, it's not the money that can make you happy but the people around you, especially your family.
image credits: Dreamworks Pictures

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