August 26, 2012

BONA review

admitting i'm a fan of the one and only Eugene Domingo, it was a great pleasure seeing her comeback to the theater scene in PETA Theater's BONA, where she plays the title role.
BONA is based in the 1980's movie by Lino Brocka, starring Nora Aunor and Phillip Salvador. with the same style of plot while set in contemporary Manila, BONA is about a call center agent who became a fan of a talent search Star of Tomorrow wannabe, Gino Sanchez (Edgar Allan Guzman).
after hearing his story in the show, she has already connected herself to him and devoted all her resources. despite of the hopeless future for the actor, she continues to support him in every way possible until she loses most things she had. and with chosen circumstances, Bona had developed a romantic feeling as Gino found better ways to take advantage of her.
it was long before Bona realized that Gino is taking advantage of her. her exhaustion from efforts and money giving in to the media people to save Gino's career, caused her to get angry to Gino and even herself. she didn't even listen to the people around her about the things happening because she fell in love. now that she had nothing, also a potential lover is not an answer to come to when she needed help.

we saw Eugene's flexibility as an actress and this was a tedious work for her. grateful to PETA for offering her the role as she misses her first stint as an actress. it's good that they capitalized first on Eugene's strength as a comedienne and we were introduced on how she can be a dramatic actress. bravo in every single scene, even her co-actors, Edgar Allan and the rest.

also, the story development draws audiences to the highs and lows. first part is a sitcom where you would obviously have fun. you'll get to know Bona more and what she does. you'll know her friends and family too. i swear, you'll love them all. and as the story progresses, you will wish to save her condition and applaud her as she redeems herself.
another character which maybe unsung from the other reviews is her landlord, (Juliene Mendoza) who gives the striking lines, pick-up lines that is.
Bona is written in such a way where its audiences will easily relate to Bona. her character, her friends, her dreams and it seems that Bona help us realize that we are all like her in many cases. so the lesson here is how we can control ourselves and still love.

PETA's BONA runs from August 24 - September 23, 2012 at the PETA Theater, #5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City. tickets are still on sale at Php 1000, Php 800 and Php 600. please support Philippine arts.

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