July 25, 2012

Ateneo BlueRep's 13

i remember adjusting to high school as i see new faces and face new characters in my life. i had a set of friends but never thought of having the best. these scenes came back to my memory as i saw 13 -- Ateneo Blue Repertory's season opener.
the story is about Evan Goldman who moved in to New York and torn about the circumstances as he approaches his Bar Mitzvah. it is when a Jewish child is called to be a man. new to his environment, he tries to blend in with a couple of other people of his age in ways that would be "cool." when conflicts on friendship and relationship arises, he discovers that being cool is just simply being himself and appreciate the things he currently has.Ateneo BlueRep brings out the message to everyone especially those who are having the same personal crises like Evan had. 13, composed of RJ Santillan as Evan, Bernice Reyes as Patrice, David Mercado as Archie, Roxci de Leon as Lucy, Raya Esteban as Kendra, Darrell Uy as Brett including more casts in their vibrant, unaltered presentation of 13. each character depicts many of the people in our lives and broadens out the understanding of each cast internally. doing their homework producing this musical, the characters also helped them to make the changes in their own selves for the better.

the colors and the story line will definitely catch your attention. for a 2-hour musical, i didn't get bored. i also didn't get up during the break because of a special entertainment they provided. it's something to watch out.
director Christopher De Venecia (9WT: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Little Shop of Horrors)intentionally put 13 to pilot the season and put older-than-13 actors to bring more value and help the cast imbibe their own character. this is to give another "attack" from the original which was played by actual 13-year-olds. together with musical director Reb Atadero (Bare, Rizal X) and choreographer Mica Fajardo, the technical aspects of the musical are amazing escpecially the chorus. the ensemble blended nicely and i think it is very well-casted. each cast delivered his role very good.

13 the musical by Ateneo Blue Repertory stages today at the Fine Arts Theater of Ateneo De Manila University until August 11. you can follow updates from Ateneo Blue Repertory by following @_blueREPERTORY on Twitter and liking https://www.facebook.com/13musicalblueREP

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