June 11, 2012

afternoon with the gang of KIMMY DORA 2

a small chitchat with bloggers took place with the masterminds of the success and great anticipation of the new movie, Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme. the gang of Kimmy Dora comprised of Eugene Domingo (Kimmy/Dora), Bb. Joyce Bernal (director), Chris Martinez (writer). the movie will be in theaters starting June 13 nationwide.
Eugene, Joyce and Chris talked about how fun and challenging the production of Kimmy Dora is. as for Chris, it was a bit easier for him to produce the plot of the sequel unlike how he introduced the characters in the first movie. we'll be served with a comedy movie with a twist of horror and adventure which makes it more engaging to the audience. even kids will love it too.

as the plot requires to set in Korea, Eugene and Joyce remembers their experiences shooting with Korean staff. they explained how serious they are when they work despite Eugene and Joyce goofing around, shopping. Chris, on the other hand, while he is here in Manila, developed our characters' traits. Kimmy and Dora got richer and all others, funnier. the characters in the movie resemble little bits of the actors in real life, Chris Martinez says.

production of the movie was made even easier by those who contributed their time and talents especially the clothing designers who developed Kimmy and Dora's clothes: Jan Garcia, Rajo Laurel, Joey Samson, Kaye Morales, Rhett Eala, Tatah Galias, Marlon Rivera, Maxie Cinco, Ferdie Abuel, Jerome Salaya Ang, Cay Cuasay and Oz Go. you'll see their works within the movie.

Eugene has achieved a lot and she's thankful for the support that fans give her. soon, you'll see her reprise a role portrayed by the superstar Ms. Nora Aunor in PETA's remake of Bona. we'll see Eugene Domingo again take the stage where she has started. and also in I Do Bidoo Bidoo singing Apo Hiking Society songs in a musical movie feature. this is with Ogie Alcasid, ZsaZsa Padilla and Gary Valenciano.

Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme is by Springfilms and ABS-CBN Star Cinema. showing on June 13, 2012 in theaters nationwide. see the official music video below.

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