May 10, 2012


the greatest hits of Forbidden Broadway is made by a musical genius! stories from behind the curtains as opinions of the people in and out of the stage provided laughs in Upstart Productions' own presentation.
i had a lot of laughs especially in different songs that i am familiar to. improvisation is the very key for us to familiarize ourselves with the following scenes.

the most remarkable scenes are with Caisa's Wicked rendition. funny enough that green light makes her Elhaba. it even got funnier when her flying monkeys, OJ and Lawrence wave her cape to make this projection.

you will also be surprised about special surprises. everyone applauded when the director's father, Noel Trinidad, steps out of the scene and gives his song. naturally a comedienne that everyone missed.

Liesl Batucan gets most of my claps. she nailed every impersonation very effectively. i liked her Annie, Liza Minelli and others. she gets to steal the whole show for me.
the set, lighting and Joel Trinidad did a wonderful job choosing the right people for this production. he and all the production team deserves a great applause.

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