April 12, 2012


ape age is now over. but for most men, waxing especially in the private area is a taboo concept.
if you are a bit worried of your body hair, especially that hides your manhood, Strip Ministry of Waxing is welcoming you to try their Boyzilian service. yes, a clean "down under" is creating a fad not because you want to show off your potential instrument, but to maintain good hygiene among men. Boyzilian is an exclusive Strip service, registered and patented internationally and guaranteed best and decent procedure in the industry.
Strip's services are developed in Singapore and uses their own waxing ingredients and clean instruments. the ingredients are also guaranteed underwent extensive research and development procedure that will give you great results without harming your skin. meanwhile, waxing spatulas will never be used from somebody to someone and will directly be disposed. and to make sure it's absent for any kind of bacteria, temperature as high as 95 degrees will take care of the waxes that will go on your skin. for one, honey waxing is not available in Strip because it may cause allergies to some. they follow the HSQ - Hygiene, Speed and Quality guidelines for every service that they have.

Hygiene - prioritized in the salon. as mentioned, instruments and ingredients are guaranteed clean and safe for your body.
Speed - you don't have to worry about time because waxing is just a fast procedure. taking around 15 minutes.
Quality - you'll enjoy the results and they will give you an after-wax care.

instruments and waxes
in its franchise branch in Serendra at The Fort, Taguig City, i tried the Boyzilian waxing service. first timers like me are hesitant at start but i'm liking the results. here's the technique, talk to your attendant constantly so that you'll get comfortable of the procedure. bravery and strong will is also required for this. be ready to control your greatest shouts because it IS pretty painful.

let's talk about the attendants. Strip's attendants are nice and treat them as a doctor to get out the malicious things in your head. but if you cannot help your physical reactions like erections, it would also be beneficial because hair can be easily removed from a stretched skin. as noted by Strip, the male and female ratio of their customers are about 40:60. meaning there i a great number of coming customers to Strip. as perceived that waxing is for gay men, professionals, teens, boyfriends come to Strip for hygienic purposes and not just being forced by their partners or friends.
visit STRIP Ministry of Waxing in the areas nearest you. if you're in the south area of Manila, there is a STRIP salon located at Makati in Greenbelt and at the 2nd floor of Serendra district at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. and you don't have to be shy to share that you did the Boyzilian.

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