April 12, 2012

CAREDIVAS back for a limited run

the hit musical CAREDIVAS will be back for a limited run and what's more special is it will be seen in a friendly place like Onstage at Greenbelt 1! surprised? Repertory Philippines welcomes the divas in their home and all will be painted in pink. this is in celebration of both theater companies in their more than 45 years of co-existence and this time, to hail to the Philippine theater scene.
Chelsea (Melvin Lee), Shai (Vincent De Jesus), Kayla (Jerald Napoles, Ricci Chan), Thalia (Dudz TeraƱa, Jason Barcial) and Jonee (Phil Noble, Buddy Caramat) literally will be far from their home at the PETA Theater but it will be a great privilege for them to share their story to the busy Makati district and teach us how some OFWs thrive to increase their income to upgrade the lives of the families here in the Philippines. we'll these five gays laugh, cry and even fall in love in a place where they slave themselves.

Melvin Lee (Chelsea) and Vince de Jesus (Shai)

Jerald Napoles (Kayla), Jason Barcial (Thalia) and Buddy Caramat (Jonee)
recall all the songs that portray their lives as friends and individuals who struggle each other's lives. here is Good Gurlz which is one of Vince de Jesus' (musical director) compositions for the stage play.

Good Gurlz - The Divas

Repertory's Joy Virata is joining the divas along with Mike Salomon and the rest of the crew of PETA for this special run. directed by Maribel Legarda and written by Liza Magtoto who weaved her researches from personal experiences and interviews into a great musical.
CAREDIVAS by PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) aims to educate the public how OFWs live and risk their lives for a better living. special run starts on April 27 - 28, 2012 with 3PM and 8PM shows at Repertory Philippines' home, Onstage, Greenbelt 1 at Makati City.
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