March 21, 2012

THE HUNGER GAMES movie review

Lionsgate Films made an amazing adaptation of the famous novel by Suzanne Collins. it's about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who became a tribute for her district in the Hunger Games. the Hunger Games is opening in theaters worldwide on March 23 2012.
it was set in the distant future, in a place called Panem which was known as United States. and it was divided in 12 districts. every year, the Hunger Games is held choosing tributes from ages 12 - 18 in order to bring honor back to their district. the Hunger Games also serves as a reminder for the 12 districts about the Capitol's authority and a punishment for the rebellion 70 years ago when a 13th district was destroyed.
in the Hunger Games, the chosen tributes puts out a show where one should stay alive. thus, they have to use their skills, wit and even charm in order to get sponsors to help them out while they are inside the games arena. like the Olympics, the Hunger Games is the most watched show during its entirety.
for those who are not fully aware of what the Hunger Games is, it was really brutal watching it on film. more to expect when you read the book. violent hunting skills and blood drench dying tribute which is a very tragic thing to see. i thought it was a little hi-tech but you can only see it in the Capitol area where the advancements are. the people from the Capitol dress in their multi-colored and eccentric designs like Lady Gaga.
what's sad in the story is how the Capitol made the brutal Hunger Games into a public entertainment and minors are playing the game. an eye opener why people in power be able to dictate and manipulate people under them. this will be noticed to scenes not close to the end where an uprising is done.

since this is a trilogy, the Hunger Games can live independently as it is. the balance of sci-fi, action, drama and love story is well executed to this production. but i can see it as a combined Big Brother and Survivor type of games -- where you will see the drama and alliances formed inside a controlled environment. nonetheless, i enjoyed it.

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