January 23, 2012

J. EDGAR movie review

J. Edgar is a movie on the life of renowned FBI director John Edgar Hoover. held the position under 8 administrations in the United States, J. Edgar had made amazing reforms and organizations in the national security agency.
the dedication of J. Edgar Hoover in his work gave amazing results in solving crimes and even strengthening national security. but in this movie, you'll witness a balance in J. Edgar's rise and fall as the director of FBI and as an individual. almost full of the story discusses how he narrated his life and his interest in national issues on how to control the uprising of communist parties and the liberation of US citizens. on the other hand, however, controversies that came his way. especially to his rumored relationship with Clyde Tolson, whom he made his assistant and partner in the FBI. this somewhat exposed the dusty roads of the institution.
there are quite of lessons in J. Edgar especially in political respect aspects. J. Edgar never see seniority as an advantage to overpower incoming presidents. he regarded them with due respect and followed standard operations as mandated by law. his recommendations as an FBI director somehow helps us today even in other parts of the world.

on production notes, the make up work is very good but the voice didn't work it when J. Edgar aged. but director Clint Eastwood should be applauded for a balanced delivery of drama in this very interesting cut.
J. Edgar gives us a glimpse of some unsung history of the United States but will deliver good messages for us that will inspire us to be vigilant in our own country. presented by Warner Bros. Pictures, this movie will be in Philippine theaters, January 24, 2012.

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