January 26, 2012

FUJIDENZO unveils refrigerator models

state-of-the-art would be an understatement for the new Fujidenzo refrigerators that were launched today in the Philippines. this new product line of Fujidenzo will take care of our kitchen needs with its all-in-one features that everybody would love.
on its launch at the Quezon City Sports Complex, the Fujidenzo team presented the special features of the Fujidenzo refrigerators. its energy-efficient, durable and functional, and stylish and spacious designs and materials will never compromise the quality of the food we it. Fujidenzo all-in-one refrigerators will be the newest best thing in storage. let me explain why:

Energy efficient
Made with thicker insulation that results in better cooling retention, as well as designed with energy-saving compressors, Fujidenzo refrigerators consume 50% less electricity than no-frost refrigerators of the same size, indeed making them some of the most energy efficient appliances to date.

Moreover, Fujidenzo refrigerators are especially equipped with a 4-Zone Cooling Technology. Unlike some refrigerators with only 3 cooling channels, Fujidenzo refrigerators have freezing zones on all sides of its freezer compartment. This allows the refrigerators to quickly and effectively freeze your food items, providing you with savings in both time and energy.

Durable and functional
With sturdy wire shelves, a heavy-duty refrigerator top, anti-bacterial coating, and a push-button defrost system, Fujidenzo guarantees the durability, functionality, and practicality of its ref models.

Stylish and spacious
Streamlined from the outside-in, with a modern design & finish that add a nice touch to your kitchen, Fujidenzo refrigerators offer the flexibility and capacity to store all your food items. Each refrigerator contains a big freezer space, flexible storage, and a clean back design complete with a stainless look finish.

during the Fujidenzo launch, we were given a chance to enjoy other products. other Fujidenzo appliances are tea brewer, food steamer, electric fans, and microwave ovens among others.

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