September 15, 2011

The Favorite T-shirt Award

this will be the first time that I am sharing a very unusual story from the closet. about my favorite shirt. if there could be a special awards night for shirts and if this shirt could talk, i think it will give the most heart-warming speech.

i got this shirt from a relative who went abroad and of course as you all know in the Philippine culture, relatives at home would expect something back. lucky enough that i got the last piece which doesn't fit anybody but it has the best condition from the rest. i immediately grabbed it and perfectly it fits. it also carries the sleaziest message from all of the shirts i had. think anything that connotes with "SELFISH IN BED."

after around 5 years and i can still wear it and never it has worn off. i also wear it in events i went to and it never left my luggage when i go vacation. it's been there when i gain weight, i enjoy death-defying amusement rides, night out with friends, etc.

as my shirt says "selfish," there's nothing wrong that i share it with those who will be left cold especially in this coming time of the year. so i am donating it to charity this Christmas.

i love this shirt! i really, really do! now i want someone to enjoy it too! i support the Electrolux Wash-aton Clothes Donation Advocacy.

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