August 7, 2011


it's another alien abduction story but now they are here for our gold. COWBOYS AND ALIENS from United International Pictures combines two veteran action stars, Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Star Wars) and Daniel Craig (007: Casino Royale), take on to busting aliens who were suspects in the disappearance of their families and friends. the wild west was not fully equipped against the high-tech gadgets and terrifying aliens.

at first, Jake Lonergan (Craig) was abducted by aliens but has been released and doesn't remember anything. on land, he is an outlaw searched by the government especially Woodrow Dolarhyde (Ford) for stealing gold. but as they found out that they can benefit each other, they have worked together along with other outlaws, redskins and a special weapon that Jake had stolen from his abduction.

if you want to see it, it was just a plain western movie. imagine Wild Wild West, Transformers and Independence Day combined.

COWBOYS AND ALIENS opens in Philippine Theaters on August 10 distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation.

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