April 20, 2011


Italy is home to fine art. Not to mention the roots of the greatest artists and inventors in world history like Leonardo da Vinci. It is also the cradle of early civilization and high-class fashion and lifestyle. The world looks up to Italy as a symbol of human accomplishment.

One manifestation of fine art in Italy is the stained glasses of cathedrals. Glass has been a good material in Italian art and is found at every corner of the religious buildings. Furthermore, this kind of art is seen in almost every building. Homes, stores and restaurants exhibit a colorful display of glass art which attract people to come in.

In our history at 1291, glass art has been diverted from Venice to Murano based on a law that all furnaces used for glassmaking be moved from Venice to Murano to avoid the risk of fire from the furnaces spreading onto the largely wooden structures of overpopulated Venice.

One specific type of glass art technique is the millefiori, Italian for “a thousand flowers” which is first used by Egyptians. The basis of this technique is the use of glass canes (rods) which contain a single flower design visible only on the surface of cross sections of the cane. The object is then formed using the cross-sections of multiple such rods, which are melted together to cover the surface of the glass object.

And there are available millefiori jewelry online. And since the art is a fine work from Murano, people call it the murano millefiori pendants. These jewelries are affordable and fashionable that compliments the beauty of the person who wears it. It never goes out of style in the fashion sense. A great piece of jewelry that raise the elegance on a woman's face and radiate the nostalgic beauty.

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