April 16, 2011

TANGLED DVD out now!

Walt Disney’s latest princess hit “Tangled” featuring the voices of Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore as Rapunzel is now hitting the video stores. The Tangled DVD is available right now for only 11.95. you must reserve now a copy to relive and remember Rapunzel’s adventures with Flynn Rider.

In Tangled, I can remember that they gave the back story of how Rapunzel was put into the tall tower since she was a baby. And there’s something magical with her that’s why the wicked woman kidnapped her from the Royal Family. With curiosity in her mind, she wants to get out to the real world. But she was forbidden by her stepmother because of her selfish agenda.

Crossing her way was a thief-at-large, Flynn Rider, who was like the Robin Hood of their kingdom. With a schemed incident, he befriends Rapunzel and he had given the lost princess’ one-of-a-kind adventure. Their tandem is one fun and exciting combination and a very memorable one. With Flynn, Rapunzel even discovered her true roots.

But for every success story there’s a big pitfall, since Flynn had discovered that Rapunzel is a royalty, he had the chance to get rich himself. Using Rapunzel as lure to the wealth, she was unaware that she will be used. Flynn’s conscience had to fight for had fallen in love with the girl, for real.

Tangled was more that fun. It’s a nice combo of songs, story, humor and magic good for the kids. I have noticed that some scenes are patterned from other Disney Princess story.

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