April 28, 2011


let us all look back on the most spectacular on earth that united two hearts in Water for Elephants. the newest historical movie by 20th Century Fox based on the book written by Sara Gruen starring Robert Pattinson (Jacob Jankowski), Reese Witherspoon (Marlena) and Christoph Waltz (August) coming May 4 in Philippine cinemas.
Jacob Jankowski remembers 1931 in joining the tour of the Benzini Bros. Circus after he had learned the tragedy committed by his parents. he was a student then in Cornell taking up veterinary medicine. and upon knowing the accident, Jacob almost didn't know where to start and left everything he had. when the train of the Benzini Bros. passes by him, he jumped over not knowing what he will be into. he was turned to be a worker of a circus doing manual labor. he discovers the show and star of it, Marlena, who is in close contact with the animals. their paths cross while checking on the horse that is suffering from abscess. Jacob had developed a special look on Marlena which will not very good for him and might put him in danger.

taking care of the animal, August knew about his veterinary skills, so he was promoted to tend the needs of the animals that brought him closer to Marlena. he has confessed her love and they had a special affair that outraged August. when August's true colors start to show up, Jacob planned to take Marlena out of the tyranny and cruelty to start a new peaceful life.

but August's power followed them. Marlena was forced to go back to August and Jacob was beaten almost killing him. but the power of love is no match for any cruelty. the other circus members have their support for the two and they also don't want to stay in August's cruel doings and awful treatment to the animals. the escape lead to the fall of the business and happy life of Jacob and Marlena.

love really has its way. there's no stopping loving hearts to be with each other despite any dangers around them. August deserved the way he was treated back by his workers because of his cruelty. my heart breaks when he jabs the stick into the elephant's body until it bleeds. he really doesn't care for the situation of everything around him just to push through with a good show and earn some money. money really isn't everything, what's important is that you have people to back you up just as Jacob had.

i remember two movies that may have the same themes as this. Titanic and Moulin Rouge. not to mention you have Reese Witherspoon, an Academy Award winner to get in the cast. as Marlena, she was very graceful to be the star of the show and she did well in putting up her character. also her acrobatic and circus training that did well. nice cinematography as well.

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