April 29, 2011

THOR movie review

Paramount Pictures bring us the god of thunder from Norse mythology. Marvel's THOR starring Chris Hemsworth in the title character with Natalie Portman. THOR had recently opened in the Philippines, April 29.

here we find the story of the god of thunder who was banished from their world, Asgard, after inducing war against legend enemies, the ice giants. he lands on earth in Oklahoma as the mortal Donald Blake. he thought he can live as an Asgardian but he learned mortal values and doings and gained mortal characteristics like compassion to other races. here he meets the scientist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) whom he very well connected with and protected from the dangers in the war of the gods.

in Asgard, his stepbrother Loki has been scheming to elevate his position to the throne. he was ultimately jealous of his brother Thor and have done everything to rule Asgard. he even connected to the ice giants but betrayed them for the ambition of ruling the universe.

i think it is pretty well done focusing on Thor's beginning and how he became a hero for earth. the depiction of Asgard is very royal and futuristic. it's golden buildings glare in the light of day. and Thor's hammer the Mjolnir approve of the powerful strength of Thor's physique.

since Thor is part of the Avengers, you will have a glimpse of what's coming next. wait for the scene after credits and you'll figure out what.

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