September 1, 2010

the gift that is XANADU - review

Atlantis Productions is staging XANADU - the Broadway musical hit that was based on Universal Pictures' film of the same title - with a comedy musical twist.

XANADU is the best gift in which Zeus grants to the demigods giving them glory. most gods and demigods wants Xanadu and that's why Clio (Rachel Alejandro), a muse, wished to get to earth to help mankind. but was forbidden of some things -- she never would disclose her identity as a demigod and never fall in love with a mortal.

on earth, she meets Sonny Malone (Felix Rivera) who is an artist and filled with dreams. Clio is willing to inspire him disguised as Kira, an Australian. but her jealous evil sisters, Melpomene and Calliope (Chari Arespacochaga and Yael Pineda) tried to cast a spell on Clio so that she'll be banished from Mount Olympus forever.

as Sonny Malone and Kira get to know each other, they are struck by love. Calliope and Melpomene's spell "worked" so they demanded Zeus (Noel Trinidad) to cast Clio into eternal damnation. Sonny Malone went to the rescue at Mt. Olympus and then Clio admitted everything -- even her love to him which has been true. when Zeus realized that it is true, he granted Clio the Xanadu gift.

laugh your hearts out to this musical comedy. it is a magical journey from Mt. Olympus to Venice Beach, California is unforgettable. as 1980 and Clash of the Titans merge in this production, there will be a lot of imagination. demigods are once people too, you may think.

you might actually be watching a live sitcom when you see Xanadu. the staging is great and audience would get participation too which is one of the funny parts. the musical is indeed wild and funny. you wouldn't want to miss a scene.

my favorite scene is when they sang "Suddenly." for a romantic song, Felix and Rachel knew to bring people to laugh. Rachel Alejandro is great modulating her voice.

Xanadu the musical by Atlantis Productions starts playing on September 3 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium at the RCBC Plaza. see ticket information here.

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