April 16, 2010

KICK ASS movie review

Dave Lizewski was just an average geek until he had his "enlightening" to help others. he had his chance to help one but then he's got himself beaten up. with his striking costume and arms found on eBay, he had become famous online while he was able to kick some ass. thus the name, KICK ASS.

clueless, he had been monitored by both good and bad guys. the good guys were a father and daughter tandem, BIG DADDY and HIT GIRL who are armed with fighting skills and weapons which KICK ASS doesn't have. together, they fought against the wrongdoings of businessman and crime lord, Frank D'Amico.

there's a good balance of comedy and cool-action in this movie. but HIT GIRL really stole the show from KICK ASS! the little girl has got some skills crime busting and definitely blowing things off. she's no match with the goonies trying to eliminate them. i think the movie should be named after her.

you'll never get bored with this movie but this is not recommended for those below 13 y/o due to language and obscene elements that's why it's rated R-13. sorry kids.

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