April 22, 2010

I've tried WINEMA first -- the SM Winema experience

i never had this much fun inside the theater. aside from viewing the trailers of upcoming movies this summer, SM Digital Cinema introduces a first in entertainment: the WINEMA!

WINEMA stands for WE INTERACT WITH THE CINEMA and it gave it's first shot with the media people during it's launch at SM Digital Cinema in SM Megamall. the whole theater turned into an arcade type gaming area and the participants are everybody!

the WINEMA plays two games, BOINK OUT and POWER CATCHER where people movements are captured be a camera in front of them. the movement controls the cursor or character in the screen. each game runs for 3 minutes so wave your hands up high and have fun.

here's the catch, if you beat the highest score made by the previous audience, each moviegoer will get a prize!

WINEMA has a lot of opportunities for advertising. i think you can put a banner of your brand or better to maximize your exposure by creating your own WINEMA game!

WINEMA is initially available at SM MEGAMALL DIGITAL CINEMA 1 and soon will open to other branches.

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