March 22, 2010

PUP students misdemeanor

i was just informed this morning that a terrible thing happened in my school. students are in outrage behavior starting to walk out from classes and threw out chairs and tables out from the classrooms. this is a barbaric attitude and should not be tolerated.

they are opposing the increase in tuition fee, originally Php 12 per unit. for a full load of 24 units, you can enroll yourself for about Php 500 per semester. a very cheap price for college education. lately, the PUP administration has decided to increase it to Php 200 per unit making the tuition fee soar up to more or 2000% per semester.

PUP is a state-university with students paying little for university education. i really don't know if it's really true that students came from poor families. as for my stay at PUP, i can see students with gadgets even more updated than the professors and PUP employees. they are more trendy when it comes to fashion, accessories and technology but i am so disappointed that they are resolving such cases to violence.

so who's to blame? all three sectors involved actually. and i've got words to tell them:

government. i believe it's in your programs to provide good quality education. IT SHOULD BE THERE! we don't have to beg for it. supply a good subsidy on education in order to improve the education in the country. not that PUP students are less fortunate, believe me, they all want to have a better life ahead of them. if you don't want scenarios like this, know what you have to provide. it wouldn't happen in places where huge cases of graft and corruption is taking place. please be OF SERVICE to the people as what you've promised while you were campaigning. make our country a better place to live so that great minds wouldn't leave the country. we have gotten so behind! let's make actions so that we can stand on our own.

the state universities admins. please represent the students. not that you are there to work but to take care of them. once you accepted an applicant in the university, hone them as your child, a part of your family. you also don't want this kind of scenario. it's like putting them into a good school. also one thing, if in case the increase is irrevocable, don't astound us with such an increase. make it gradual so that everybody can adjust.

the students. you are the victims. but you also have to know that you have to prepare yourself. you can't pay the tuition if you are an academic scholar. study hard, work hard. you'll get what you deserve. what you've done to our school is a very barbaric activity to be frank. you caused a lot of damages that lessened the facilities that we are enduring for a long time. it's not fair to the students who wants to study peacefully. you've made a negative mark to the public. and talk to the admin in a diplomatic way. you are not in school to be trained to do such things but to be civilized people. you know the consequences.

also live within your means. your parents are also working hard for your future. you know that.

i hope i had lessons shared here. i may not give in detail the technical and lawful things here, i hope in layman's terms you understood what i've just said.

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