March 21, 2010

CHANGING LIVES: i so want!

working in the media industry has a lot of perks. i get advanced news on upcoming events, and by the time i get to know that Timbaland is coming again here in Manila -- not to mention that he will be with Justin Timberland and Jojo, two of my most favorite foreign artists -- i really got excited! HONESTLY!

i asked my colleague that if we have tickets to the concert, yeah but they will be for sale. i also asked her that if i could reserve some tickets, and i thought I REALLY SHOULD. but then, they were sold out. i regret that i will miss another great concert. :(

but one friend of mine, Azrael, is so generous to give away tickets to the said concert. from his post, he will be giving away BRONZE ticket and one from the VIP section. i would worship him if he will give the VIP ticket to me! hahaha

so az, better give me that VIP or else! lolz

in case of acquiring that golden ticket, i should ready my playlist soon to get along with that partyin'. i should thank azrael for bringing the contest up and blogbank for sponsoring the tickets.

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